POS Systems And Risk Management

Is your POS prepared for the perfect storm? The #TorontoFlood last night seemed to have caught everyone by surprise. Especially folks in West Toronto! Power was knocked out to over 1 million customers and a major communications hub at 151 Front Street was under water affecting phone systems and internet causing a variety of communications… Read More

POS Penny Pinching – The Death Of The Canadian Penny

How The Elimination Of The Canadian Penny Will Affect You At The Point Of Sale Today marks the death of the Canadian penny. Soon to be eliminated at the POS. Born in 1876, at the ripe old age of 137 years old, the iconic Canadian penny with its maple leaves and Queen’s Head has been… Read More

Is Your POS Ready For Black Friday?

The Link between POS Throughput and Sales It’s Black Friday tomorrow! Now I know, Black Friday is the huge shopping day after Thanksgiving in the US (and seems to be gaining popularity here in Canada), but it’s so much more. That retailers and restaurant owners often don’t understand the greater importance of this day is… Read More

How To Setup A Great Loyalty Program

In It To Win It! If you’re in the retail or restaurant business and you’re not paying close attention to loyalty programs, you should be. It’s hard these days not to – they’re everywhere. For example, it was no surprise to me that 86% of Canadians are members of at least 1 loyalty program. The… Read More

In Search of Goldilocks’ Handheld POS

Not too big, not too small… just right. The latest electronic device in the mainstream is the tablet computer – and they have definitely gone mainstream with literally hundreds of sizes, shapes, brands and Operating systems, to suit just about any user. If you own a tablet, then you already know they are not a… Read More