Not only do hardware stores have a substantial need for point of sale software features, but they need to be able to track data on tens of thousands of skus quickly, from anywhere in the store, and do it in real time. Hardware stores also have unique needs for a point of sale system which is ruggedized due to the tough nature of their environments – they call it hardware for more reasons than one. Our POS solution is flexible enough to manage the incredible variety of sales required no matter what kind of hardware store you’re running.

Contractor TrackingCustomer Tracking

Catapult’s customer tracking system is built-in standard, so you can track both contractors and regular off the street customers right out of the box. With Catapult’s customizable fields hardware merchants can track an unlimited number of addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and separate them by customer types and categorize them so you can easily find the lists that you need. Track the contractor or customer during a transaction and you can easily look up previous purchases and report on sales.

Add the optional Catapult Loyalty Points and Buzz Bot modules and you will be able to provide valuable incentives and provide powerful email marketing with connected promotional coupons for special sales to keep customers and contractors coming back.

Automatic and Special Discounts

Catapult’s Dynamic Discount system enables you to program the kind of discounts that make managing inventory easier with less room for cashier error or theft. For example, when you negotiate a special price for lumber with one of your contractors, you need a system that can track and manage the special discount arrangement for that item or items even if the store owner or manager is unavailable.

With regular retail sales, automatic discounts and promotions are an absolute must. When items are on sale at a certain price, percentage, or dollar off, Catapult can track it and fire the discounts automatically without any need for the cashier to do anything manually. Running a quantity discount ie. 2 for $10? Catapult can do that. What about buy 2 and get the 3rd of equal or lessor value for free? You guessed it. Catapult can do that too all automatically. Discounts can be scheduled to begin and end automatically as well so your daily, weekly, and monthly promotions never require a manager present to turn them on and off. We make it easy, because who ever said hardware needed hard software?

POS for Hardware StoresRuggedized Retail Hardware

Tough retail environments like hardware stores require POS equipment that is designed just as durably. That’s why Armagh uses ruggedized retail POS hardware for all our implementations in hardware stores. We understand you need bright screens to compete with indoor and outdoor selling environments, self-cooling and dust resistant electronics, and liquid resistant designs to better survive the elements.

Of course, when things do go wrong, Armagh is here to help. Our experienced technicians are factory trained, have access to the parts and resources to solve problems fast, and are available onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Inventory Handheld Terminal for Hardware StoreInventory Handheld Terminal (HHT)

The footprint of most hardware stores is far too large to have staff running back and forth between the office and the retail area managing inventory items. The Catapult Handheld Terminal (HHT) App gives hardware managers the freedom to wirelessly add, edit and update their inventory data in real time from anywhere in the store. This powerful app allows you to order and receive inventory, update prices and inventory records, manage worksheets, apply discounts, change and print shelf labels.

Integrated Payments for Hardware StoresIntegrated Payments

In hardware, payments should be fast, seamless, improve efficiency, reduce fraud and theft, and eliminate the need for micromanagement. With Catapult there are many ways to pay, including integrated credit and debit, pin & chip, tap & pay, NFC, integrated payments for online ordering, gift card, and even eGift. With a variety of pinpads and processors, merchants are never locked into a single processor when using Catapult.

For stores needing higher security on house charges or employee purchases, Catapult also offers payments that include a biometrics fingerprint component which ensure the highest security for that transaction available in retail today.

Catapult is a PCI compliant software with the Payment Card Industry Standards Council and is listed as a validated payment application. Armagh POS Solutions ensures that all of it’s technicians are PCI trained to provide a qualified installation for the merchant.

Catapult Mobile POS HandheldMobile POS

One thing almost all hardware stores have in common – enormous floor spaces and year round outdoor pickup areas that make system management and customer service a challenge. To assist with this Catapult POS provides a variety of mobile POS solutions to make it easier for merchants to manage inventory or do a sale anywhere in the hardware store. Scan and look up items, track customers and loyalty, pre-sell, price check, track special pricing, check inventory quantities, and even print an order ticket – all on the fly with Catapult POS.