Catapult Retail POS

Self-Hosted Gift Card

Self-Hosted Gift Card

Retail Gift Card You Control

Catapult’s Self-Hosted Gift Card feature lets retailers host their own gift card service, giving you the power to control your customers’ total experience. Self-hosting eliminates the high transaction costs associated with third-party gift card services. For example, many third-party gift card companies charge inactivity fees and extra service charges. Catapult’s Self-Hosted Gift Card is a powerful, full-featured module, completely integrated with the Catapult point-of-sale, that lets retailers add to and redeem card balances effortlessly among multiple store locations. All gift card transactions are live and updated within a millisecond, so you’re assured the transaction is accurate and fast.

Like all Catapult POS functions, the sale and redemption of gift cards is streamlined and simple. When a card is scanned, the system automatically walks the cashier through the gift card sale or redemption process. To simplify the process of starting a gift card program, gift card stock can be ordered directly from Armagh POS Solutions and the look of the cards can be customized to match your store logo and marketing schema.

No Extra Fees

The Catapult self-hosted gift card program is as economical as you can get. Other than printing the gift cards and purchasing the software module, there are no extra fees for purchasing, redeeming, reloading, balance checking, and no matter how many times the card is used. Merchants and customers alike don’t have to worry about dormancy fees either.


Savvy merchants can offer self-hosted gift cards online when used in conjunction with the Catapult WebCart Click and Collect System. Similar to the plastic self-hosted gift cards sold through Catapult, there are no extra fees for transactions. and electronic Gift Cards or e-Gift Cards can be purchased 24/7 online with no need for mailing or shipping fees. The customer simply purchases the Self-Hosted e-Gift card through the WebCart online ordering system, pays for it, chooses where they would like it emailed, and attaches a message to the recipient, and it gets sent automatically.

Catapult Gift Card Features

  • Minimum and Maximum card limits
  • Force all refunds via gift card instead of cash
  • Pre-defined gift card amounts ($10, $20, $50, etc) and open-ended card amounts
  • Check gift card balance on the fly at the POS, or print to a receipt
  • Allows users to purge inactive gift cards
  • Create a new profit center by attaching a linked charge to the sale of new gift cards
  • Eliminates vendor service lock-ins

3rd Party Gift Card Options

For those that would prefer their already existing gift card program, Catapult also integrates with many major third-party gift card systems; please inquire for availability and functionality.