Catapult Retail Software

Catapult Retail Software


Frictionless Retail Software.

Streamline traditional brick and mortar retail with an end-to-end point of sale retail software that scales to merchants of any size.

The Catapult Retail Point of Sale software suite is the result of over 30 years of research, development, and experience. Catapult’s extensive features are designed to help you streamline your retail operations, reduce costs, improve customer service, and ultimately boost your bottom line.


Catapult Manages All Retail POS Touchpoints

In today’s retail market, the walls that once separated digital and physical retail players are coming down fast; to be competitive in tomorrow’s market you must be both. With a transaction platform powered by Unified Transaction Logic™ you can begin engaging your customers where they are — everywhere.

  • Catapult Retail Point of Sale
  • Self-Checkout
  • Mobile POS
  • RAPTOR Accelerated Checkout
  • WebCart Click & Collect Online Ordering

Unified Transaction Logic.

The Catapult Retail Software Suite is more than an omni-channel retail automation system or unified commerce. At the heart and soul of Catapult is Unified Transaction Logic™, which connects all the critical areas of your business in real time: POS, inventory & supply chain, reporting & analytics, and payments all work together.

Point of sale lanes, self-checkout terminals, customer kiosks, deli scales, pharmacy, online orders, and even smartphone apps all work together as one synergistic system. Catapult cuts costs and reduces the points of failure commonly found in piecemeal-built systems. Say goodbye to Silos and hello to the future.

Catapult Retail Software's Unified Transaction Logic

Does Your Retail POS Tech Stack Look Like This?

Retail managers are often faced with a variety of conflicting priorities from different departments across an organization. Start out with a POS, then add a loyalty and marketing program, gift card, reporting, and then an online ordering system – all from different vendors, and before you know it you have a tech stack that looks a lot like spaghetti and meatballs on paper. If your retail management system looks like this you need Unified Transaction Logic™.

Spaghetti POS Tech Stack


Escape From Siloed Retail Management Systems


Unified Transaction Logic™ is an alternative to the myriad “integrated” patched together siloed-commerce platforms that are commonly used by many merchants today. The job of managing and maintaining those disparate data-silos is complex and expensive. Many companies feel trapped in these configurations, relying on a multitude of third party vendors who will shift blame and avoid responsibility at the first sign of technical trouble. Worst of all, change to a single silo creates a domino effect that cascades into others, causing systemic friction, making the enterprise less agile, which means less adaptable to emerging opportunities.

Unified Transaction Logic breaks through the dysfunction, allowing the same transaction logic to be shared throughout the enterprise, no matter how complex, where, how, and when customers want to transact. And, it can be done through one single, reliable technology partner.