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Scan To Pay

Global Restaurant POS Scan To Pay

Easily Pay With A Cellphone

Global Restaurant POS has a built-in Scan To Pay feature for table-service guests that can be enabled allowing contactless payments for customers to pay by scanning the QR Code on the bottom of their guest check. When this feature is turned on, each guest check can print a QR code at the bottom which empowers your guest to quickly and securely pay their bill.

A Variety of Payment Types

Guests can pay either by Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any other cellphone wallet. Once completed, the ticket is automatically marked paid at the POS and the restaurant staff assigned to the ticket can optionally be notified by SMS Text.

Truly Contactless Payment

When they pay using Scan To Pay, they don’t need to touch a pinpad or furnish a credit or debit card. They just open the camera app on their phone, point it at the QR code on their check, and follow the directions on the screen. It’s faster than using cards or pinpads, cleaner, safer and more secure for the merchant than using cash.

Pay Anywhere

Restaurant Scan To Pay

Scan To Pay is the ultimate in social distancing and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) all rolled into one!

Because cellphones are cellular they can pay from anywhere! They’re not limited to bluetooth or wifi ranges from the restaurant. That means guests can pay at a beach, pool, on a boat, in the restaurant, on the patio, or at their own front door all with their own cellular device.

BYOD Is Where It’s At

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is not a new concept, and your guests have been doing it already for a long time. Sure, it might be new to them in your restaurant at first, but once they try it successfully, they’ll get the hang of it.

For a complete BYOD solution, combine Scan To Pay with Scan To Order for the ultimate in efficient self-service point of sale with minimal labour and minimal POS hardware investment cost!